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Before my pregnancy, I had never heard of a birth photographer.  Around six months in I read about birth photography.  Initially I thought it was exclusive to celebrities and the like, but after researching a little more, I realized it was something that I definitely wanted to do.  While I knew my doula and husband could take some photos, we were all going to be a bit busy with labor and I wanted to make sure our most precious moments were documented.

I truly cannot express how much these photos mean to me.  Two years later, they are my favorite of any professional photos we’ve ever had taken.  Every birthday I watch our video and the feelings rush to me all over again.

Jennifer Winfrey is one of my favorite photographers that we’ve worked with.  We initially thought that having a photographer might add another body to the room and cause nervousness.  The truth is, I didn’t even realize she was there!  I look back on photos that are so intimate and I didn’t even know in that moment that they were captured.  Thank goodness they were!

My favorite is of my husband crying when we found out that we had a son.  It was the only time I have ever seen him shed a tear, and without Jennifer we would have missed that.  We would have missed that, me catching him, and his first latch. These are moments that we cannot relive except through photography.

Jennifer is a true artist.  Her work is empathetic and inspiring.  It’s as if she knew what we would want to remember twenty years later and I will never be able to thank her enough for that.  But on top of it all, she was part of my tribe that day.  It was such a beautiful experience because I was surrounded by women – Jennifer, our midwife, and our doula – just as it has been done for centuries.

She listened to me babble when I was feeling giddy and even warmed water for our birthing pool on the stove, transferring water from the pots to pool for hours.  Jennifer will always hold a special place in our family’s hearts not entirely because of the beauty she captured for us to always remember, but for the integral role she played in bringing my son into the world.

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