Women In The Wild, Erin White Celebrates Breastfeeding

I am so thrilled to share with you an art project that is dear to my heart, and also involves one of my birth session families! Erin White, a photographer and mother working and living in Germany, is making some very powerful statements about post-baby women’s identities, confidence, bodies, and their extraordinary roles as mothers by exploring breast feeding. There is a lot of debate about whether or not it’s appropriate to breastfeed babies in public. For Erin, her many subjects, and myself, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

It all started pretty innocuously. The breastfeeding community in the town where Erin lives wanted to create a group breastfeeding photo, and Erin volunteered to take it. After sharing the images from that session online, she received such an outpouring of support and positivity, she decided to expand the project to include more breastfeeding mothers and their stories. It’s now called “Women In The Wild,” and I’m so proud to see that she’s received ever more media coverage for her work, including on the Huffington Post, Yahoo, and Bored Panda!

Now, she’s taken “Women In The Wild” on tour, and is coming to San Francisco, and she is taking down names of breastfeeding mothers who would like to participate! She has set up a San Francisco informational page for anyone interested in being photographed. There is a small fee associated with participating to cover her expenses, $30 to join in the group session, and $30 per image for individual photos.

Join her San Francisco Facebook group, and visit her website to learn more about Erin’s extraordinary work! (http://www.erinwhitephotography.com/)

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